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The scientific coordinator of Swing:It, together with his team, was assigned to the role as consultant for the European EMSODEV project. This project is funded by the European Commission  in due course of the Horizon 2020 project and the role was assigned by the SpacEarth Technology Srl. The consultancy tasks Swing:It is in charge of incorporate, planning, design and development of platforms for data management, as reported in the Description of Action (DoA) of EMSODEV project. This consulting activity is within WP6 “Data Management platform and related services” and consists of the following activities:

  • Responsibility of the “Task 6.1: Data Management Plan” and its related drafting, submission and review of “Deliverable 6.1: Data Management Plan”;
  • Responsibility of the “Task 6.2: Data management platform architecture design” and its related drafting, submission and review of “Deliverable 6.2 Data management platform architecture design”;
  • Participation and contribution to the “Task 6.3: Data management platform infrastructure setup and implementation”;
  • Participation and contribution to the “Task 6.4: Data management platform tools”;
  • Participation and contribution to the “Task 6.5: Interoperability with existing EMSO local data nodes”;
  • Training and supervision of INGV and SpacEarth Technology staff with less experience involved in the activities of “Data management” project;
  • Contribution to the spread and dissemination of WP6 results;

The outcomes of these activities will allow the entire community to access and use the data generated by EGIM (EMSO Generic Instrumentation Module), a futuristic monitoring model of the sea bed and the water column that will be produced in course of the project.

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