Swing:It deals with analysis, design, development, integration, installation and software support as well as goods and services in the information technology sector and  automation. Thanks to the know-how, we can offer evolved and highly customizable products on the request of customers. The constant endeavour in research activities ensures the use of the most innovative technologies for the implementation of projects and prototypes with high technology content.

Leader in 3D Solutions

Swing:It is a leader in the planning and design of innovative solutions such as virtual reality and 3D modelling. Thanks to the noteworthy experience gained through technology research projects in Europe, we have the ability to design and create ad-hoc hardware and software solutions for the different needs of our customers.

Incentives to work with us

A team of professionals with very high profile and background in multiple related industries.

Experts in game development and 3D content production.

Experience on every Virtual Reality platform.

High reliability real-time solutions for control and automation.

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