Milan Underground


Since 2004 Swing:It’s professionals have developed and operated the platform Tele Video Control Rooms (TVCC) to support the driver-less conduction system of the trains and the access management  to the stations of the Line 3, part of the Milan underground system. Several times, the last in 2010/2011, the company worked on extensions of the existing TVCC system for the client ATM Milan – Line 3.

The Swing:It solution for TVCC integrates the ErgoVU factory information portal and the integrated development environment for the visual programming language/Java VIB Laces (now MI Studio). Both products were produced by ErgoTech Systems Inc. The animations produced by this framework have been implemented in an access portal system that allows the fully automated interaction between users and the integrated TVCC system through human-machine interface graphics.

This system allows the implementation of personalized programs for data acquisition and analysis, process control, generation of reports or more generally, for everything that concerns industrial automation on Windows platforms, Linux, Mac OS and controllers of the most varied international manufacturers.

Swing:It offers to its clients solutions for control automatization and industrial automation based on those technologies, SECS/GEM support, support of production systems based on assembly lines, suspended transport, etc. With the same technologies, the company has supported pharmaceutical companies and companies active in the fields of automotive, semiconductors, drinking water distribution, etc.

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