Swing:It offers ICT hardware and software solutions tailored to specific needs, creating ad hoc systems studied and conceived  for the reality in which they will be used.

In the European context the company supports public administrations, research bodies, businesses and scientific communities. Together with those entities we are developing cooperative projects financed through programs of the European Commission or national funding.

Swing:It operates on these 6 areas of expertise:

Life Sciences and Tele-medicine

Through numerous projects, including VESPA (which is coordinated by Swing:It), the company opens a way to stimulate fundamental research and apply it in the production of advanced and highly innovative services. The goal is to improve the quality of life of patients with chronic degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. Great attention and participation is given to the realization of tele-medicine and rehabilitation for young patients and for all forms of cognitive challenges. Swing:It holds its own patents on software solutions for cognitive rehabilitation.

Science and Earth Observation

Thanks to the considerable experiences gained through significant projects and activities related to satellite driven observations, the remote sensing campaign from the sky, land and sea as well as many years of activities in the analysis of satellite data, Swing:It is an important technological partner for many major game changers in the European scientific field.

Cultural Heritage and Museum Solutions

The company realizes 3D models of archeologic and cultural sites, museum areas and similar, offering virtual, augmented and holographic reality solutions to extend the procedures and the effectiveness of the fruition and supply of artistic contents, tourism and content related to Cultural Heritage.

Automation and Transportation

The company also works in the sector of sustainable mobility and offers advanced solutions in the field of metropolitan transport vessels (light and heavy)and monorails. Particular emphasis is given to self-driving solutions, signalling and the remote control. The company developed the CCTV solution and advanced automation of Milan’s line 3 underground.

Cloud and Grid Computing, HPC and HTC services

Where services meet with high-profiled consultant in the IT sector, telecommunications and communication. In this field and in the previous the company offers innovative design and software development for mobile platforms, in 2.5 or 3 dimensions,  immersive virtual reality solutions, web portals as well as the design and prototyping of ad-hoc envisioned dedicated hardware.

Facilitated Financing

In this field the company offers: pre-proposal support with advanced screening service of funding sources and matching with the wishes of partners and customers. Furthermore, we can offer support with the master editing and the formulation of the project proposal as well as the technical and administrative coordination of projects. In Italy and Europe we identify funding opportunities to carry out fundamental research projects, industrial research, experimental development and innovation of enterprises.

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